Freelance software development

We've spent the last fifteen years building applications and websites for clients, large and small. If you need a business application developed, we can help.

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How we can help

  • Business Applications

    We use Progress Openedge and Microsoft .NET to develop modern, high performance business applications. If you're looking for someone to help with your Progress or .NET projects, then give us a call.

  • Web Applications

    We use Javascript, Ruby and Rails to develop standards compliant modern web applications running on cloud based providers like Amazon AWS.

    If you application is a Progress DB, then we can use Webspeed to provide a scaleable modern UI for it

  • Mobile

    Either webapps or native apps. If you have a requirement to build a mobile application then we can help with that.

Why Choose Us

  • Expert

    I've been using Progress for over 20 years. I've put character, GUI, .NET, batch, Web, mobile and Webservice front ends on a number of enterprise systems.

    If you need to bring in an expert application developer to help with your project, then get in touch.

  • Flexible

    We can work on-site, off-site or tele-presence. Full time or part time, or just a few hours at a time. Whatever your project needs.

  • Proven

    Our customers keep coming back for more. Some clients have been using us for the last fifteen years. That would only happen if they were pleased with the work they are getting.

  • Productive

    Looking for a .NET or a web front end? Need help publishing an API for your application, or architecting your interfaces? Get your project moving by bringing in an expert.

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